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HI Carolyn: I have a friend with thick eczema scabs on her wrists - she asked me if I could make a remedy with wild yam extract - have you ever used this ? what ratio would you use with a base? what base would you use? Also, the last copy of aromatherapy magazine talks about using Blue Cypress oil ( no botannical name given) for warts - I can't find blue Cypress listed in any of my books - what is it and where can I find it? Thanks for your help Pat Molter


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Hi again Pat - I think you're referring to Dioscorea villosa - used in the pharmaceutical industry as an active agent in the half-synthesis of steroid hormones and homeopathic preps. It is an antiinflammtory, antispasmodic, cholagogue and diaphoretic when used herbally from preparation of the dried rhizome of the root. Usually found in a liquid extract in health stores and used for rheumatic conditions, gallbladder colic, dymnehorrhea and cramps. You shoud be able to find a tincture reasonably easily which will be in an alcohol base. Thankfully eo's are soluble in alcohol so give it a try. You'd use as a topical agent - and she could also take the tincture as recommended by itself as support from the inside too. BLue Cypress is Callitris intratropica (Baker and SMith) and is known as the Northern Australian Cypress Pine or the Australian Blue Cypress - a member of the Cupressaceae. It's a clear cobalt-blue oil steam distilled fromt he logs - ie wood and bark - containing mainly sesquiterpenoids and a component called guaiazulene - which as a member of the azulene family give it the blue color. Also containing a # of wonderful compounds to make it a highly useful wound-healing, antibacterial and antiinflammatory agent. It has refs for its anti-viral potential too for warts on the hand - common verrucae - for diaper rash - burns, to relieve spider bite, lateral epicondylitis, and allergic reaction to sandflies. Since it's an Australian oil, and Auroma's mother company is based in Australia, you might like to contact Kevin Coffey directly to see if he can help. Carolyn

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