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Hi everyone.. I've just read a book by Riquette Hofsteinon Growing Hair Fast. In the book she mentioned using Rosemary oil, basil oil lavender oil and lemon oil for scalp stimulator. I presume the oils are essential oils. Anyway, my question is - Riquette Didn't mention any vegetable oils in this receipe. Is it okie to use just purely essential oils?? I thought essential oils are not to be applied directly without diluting? I'm thinking of diluting it with jojoba oil or amla oil. Please enlighten me.. Thanks a million!


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The main reason why most 'authorities' state not to use essential oils directly on the skin is because by virtue of their components, most can bring about irritation of the skin and mucus membranes at varying levels. In some cases this would not be a good thing, and in others it is actually a beneficial response. In order to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles sufficiently, it may be necessary to use neat essential oils so as to trigger an irritant response. This should be transient. A word of warning - although an irritant response is dose dependent and temporary, some essential oils can also trigger a sensitizing reaction which involves the immune system and is not temporary. Once sensitized the immune system may react disporoportionally to the same or a similar substance in the future. Hope this helps


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I wanted to ask if I would be able to try using essential oils neat? I know it's against the rules of using essential oils. The reason for my asking is because I have a friend of mine who has never patch tested and has only used neat application for over 20 years. She has only had irritations from about 2 oils. I have patch tested every oil diluted and no irritations at all, even the most potent oils. That's why I feel I may be able to patch test neat oils, just a drop or two, to see if any sensitization occurs. Would this be safe? Thank you.
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