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Hello, I am new to the practice of creating my own face wash and would like to use fresh juices of fruits such as apples, lemons, grapefruits and aloe vera juice in my cocoction. I have chosen these specific juices because of their natural exfoliating, and soothing properties. I plan to either juice the fruits myself with a juicer or purchase organic juices from a health food store. Are essential oils and additive-free base products such as emulsifying wax, xanthan gum or cleansing lotion, ideal for mixing with these particular juices?


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Welcome Shantel and thanks for sharing your project with us. Fresh juices, whilst a delightful choice for facial cleansing and exfoliation, really need to be used fresh - or within a few days if kept in the fridge. without preservatives they'll deteriorate naturally. Since they're water soluble and acidic in nature for the most part, you'll find it difficult to combine them with any fatty/oily substance - and even essential oils, tho not fatty per se - are lipophilic (ie hydrophobic) and require a stabilizer to keep blended in water-based carriers.
Also bear in mind that acids, whilst useful to maintain the skins' protective acid mantle are not usually soothing to the skin.
Fortunately Auroma has a fabulous range of Floral Waters - see the website for details of special offers now - extremely fragrant and suitable for all skin types au naturel or blended with your fresh juices.
Do please be careful of getting acidic juices in the eyes.
A drop or two of complimentary essential oil(s) could also be added but you'll have to make sure you shake your concoction vigorously before each use since the eo's will separate with standing.
The Auroma site is packed with information and recipes and don't hesitate to contact Kevin directly about current stock etc.
Hope this helps and do please let us know how you progress.


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I want to know how you use juices?

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It's really good idea to use fruit juice making cleanser. wounder to know how that working.
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