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Hi there!! I'm currently making my own hair spritz to improve my hair growth and condition using 2.5% dilution of Essential oils in half vodka and half water. I would like to ask will it be better if i were to use hydrosols instead? What will be the effect/outcome? And is 5% dilution of Essential oils be too strong for the scalp? Thanks for your help!!!


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Excellent idea Muimui - seems alcohol - indeed any substance that removes the skins' protective lipid barrier or aids in desquamation may enhance penetration of those eo components that have the potential. Also warmth, moisture, and covering the area of application facilitate absorption. However, bear in mind that alcohol is used as a base for perfumes because it helps diffuse the aromatic molecules - so you'll have a counter-productive effect going on too. Bearing this in mind then, it may be worthwhile to try your preparation using hydrosols only for a while and guage the results. Hydrosols contain some water soluble components from the original plant essence that you wouldn't normally get in the eo and so by blending the two you're theoretically using a more 'complete' range of components which therapeutically could make all the difference. Seems most experts on skin penetration consider the most suitable and effective vehicle for active ingredients is the emulsion because it provides a potential 'route' for both water- and lipid soluble compnents to penetrate - depending on mol size of course - and since the skin is composed of both water-soluble and lipid soluble structures, you're covering your bets. Milk is a natural emulsion. You could create your own emulsion using a hydrosol as your aqueous base and a penetrative oil such as jojoba for example, emulsified using a simple emulsifier such as Xanthan gum, Acacia gum, or vegetable emulsifying wax - all available from the Auroma site. You would dissolve the emulsifier in the aqueous phase whilst gently warming - then add to your warm lipid phase and whisk or beat vigorously until they thicken - a bit like making real egg custard. You would use this emulsion say over night - protecting your linen of course by covering your hair whilst sleeping. Then wash out in the morning and apply your hydrosol + alcohol blend during the day. Or use as you would for a commercial oil hair treatment. The oiliness of the emulsion is directly related to the % of oil you add. A basic ratio for emulsions is 20% oils: 70% waters - and you could use your hydrosols here - and 10% emulsifier. then of course you add your eo's accordingly - and I would certainly up to 5% for a hair/scalp application - considering the specific nature and potential irritation/sensitization of the components of course Hope this helps & let me know how you go on. Carolyn

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