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Hi, I have been trying to come up with a blend that will closely mimic the scent of herbal essences shampoo. I read the bottle, and saw that the scents came from chamomile and passion flower. I have never actually seen a passion flower essential oil... I was wondering, does it exist? If not, what might I be able to use in substitute? Could I possibly try using passionflower in a herb format instead of an oil somehow? I'm just looking to come up with a base mixture to use in basic aromatherapy recipes such as the diffuser, bath salts, and candles. Thanks


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Hi again Jade, Well, the verbage on the back of the bottle indicating contents is an art in itself. There are of course certain rules a company has to follow in giving out what's in its product - but there are ways to get around some of those and you have to be well-versed in those ways and in what the listed components are in reality. Be careful in attributing the 'scent' of this shampoo to chamomile and passion flower simply because it's listed as an ingredient on the label. These could very well be extracts or fractions of those plants and not the whole essential oil - besides passion flower is not normally available as an essential oil, but is available as a fixed oil from Passiflora incarnata. I can't find any reference from a perfumery basis either for passion flower being a natural fragrance - and if someone has one I'd be really interested in finding out more please - although there'll be a fragrance chemical available with that name I'm sure somewhere. Always remember that the 'big boy' personal care product companies spend enormous amounts of money using large teams of highly specialised individuals to create a signature fragrance for their hopefully high sellers. There are big bucks at stake here and they're going to use raw ingredients, resources and processes that are not generally available to the rest of us, and when they do hit on a winner, they're certainly not going to give anything away for some time until they've made their money. Perhaps it would be more fun to try to create your own signature fragrance using pure and whole essential oils and herbs. I'm sure there's a whole bunch of message board readers who would be interested in sharing their own experiences - this is what it's all about after all. Best Carolyn

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