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After much research, my husband started to use Lemongrass oil on his toenail fungus that we've been trying to remedy for 5 years. Within a day, it turned dark purple and has remained that way for two weeks now. Does anyone know what the next step is? Does he continue to use the oil until his nail falls off? Will it fall off or will it just start growing a NEW nail? When should he stop using it? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Stephanie


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Hi Stephanie If in any doubt whatsoever, I would check with your physician or probably more sensibly a podiatrist to make sure that there isn't anything else going on with the toe. The skin, hair and nails are wonderful barometers for what's going on inside the body, and so although this change in color may be a natural consequence of the demise of the fungus - it may indicate other pathological changes that are concurrent. Fungal infections are usually rather persistent and so their eradication may take quite some time in the normal course of events. The nail may be dead and drop off as a combinatorial consequence of all the previous treatment after all this time - or because the lemongrass has simply tipped the scales in favor of getting rid of the fingus at long last. Best to check with a professional for peace of mind. Using the lemongrass for 2 weeks is unlikely to be doing any harm per se - other than to the fungus - and in fact Cymbopogon citratus or C. wintariius are relatively well-tolerated when compared to some of the other 'heavy-duty' anti-fungal oils often used for stubborn toe/nail infections. Therefore, you could probably continue with the administration - which I'm presuming is applied neat to the affected area - for at least 2 weeks daily. Most authorities recommend limiting eo use to about 14 days without break - the French authorities tend to be more aggressive in their eo use and so would probably advise a longer term of use without cause for concern, but of course adhering to normal safety standards. A break for about 7 days is normally advised, during which time you could use an alternative anti-fungal eo to maintain the assault on the fungus, and then revert until you are satisfied it's resolved. Hope this helps Best Carolyn


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Carolyn, Thank you for you thorough advice. I truly appreciate it! Stephanie


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I know that this is really an old post (way, way old that is) and I hope you don't mind if I chime in... Toenail fungus can be a recurring condition. Even after the microbes are gone for now, there is still a possibility that the condition will persist in the future. It is highly recommended that your husband see a doctor immediately in order to gain the right prescription for his toenail fungus. However, if seeing a doctor is not an option, you might want to try using herbal remedies as a precautionary measure. You can ask him to apply tea tree oil, oregano oil, or thyme on the affected areas. Or, you might also want to try using over the counter cures like ZeroFungus cream. I'd tried it myself and it definitely worked for me.
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