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Hello Everyone, I'm trying to find the company or recipe for this massage stress-relief oil. I was able to obtain it at Bath & Body Works in 1oz. form , but they no longer have it. The ingredients are: Base: Apricot Kernel Oil Fragarance: ( Eucalyptus, Geranium, Citron,Nutmeg, orange,Clary Sage, Spearmint Escentual Oil) BHT I used it at bedtime and applied to my temples and neck . It help me relax so I could sleep. I hope you can help me out. Many thanks !! RobertaM


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Hi Roberta, Well, in the absence of finding the original, why don't you make your own since you have all the ingredients listed. Auroma carries all these essential oils - and one advantage of making your own would be that you know you'll be using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils with nothing added and nothing taken away. Commercially prepared products need to have a certain shelf life and product conformity and so must be engineered in some way to achieve these criteria. This means that there will be additives, preservatives and probably some synthetic fragrances too. By purchasing the essential oils and oil carrier, you'll also be able to make waaaaay more of your relaxing blend - plus a plethora of other blends too - for a fraction of the cost considering the quantities. I would suggest that you base your blend on the following and it should come out pretty close. Another advantage is that you can adjust the # of drops according to your own particular preferences and you don't have to take what someone else decided to blend on your behalf. Use 100 ml of Apricot Kernel Oil and try the following # of drops to start with - then adjust according to your personal likes and dislikes. Eucalyptus Australiana = Eucalyptus radiata - 5 drops Geranium = Pelargonium graveolens - 5 drops Lemon (Citron) = Citrus limonum - 10 drops Nutmeg = Myristica fragrans - 7 drops Orange = Citrus sinensis - 11 drops Clary Sage = Salvia sclarea - 7 drops Spearmint = Mentha spicata - 5 drops Then when you've found a recipe that you like, you can make a blend for all your family and friends and still have essential oils left over. They would make wonderful Christmas gifts and very cost-effective. If you're not up to this then Auroma also has a range of pre-blended massage oils - and there are a couple at least that would be perfect for a relaxing massage before bed. Hope this helps. Carolyn

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