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My skin is very sensitive to many commercially available soaps, shampoos and other skin products. I was wondering if Auroma's products are hypoallergenic, or if you could recommend other brands as well. Thanks.


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Hi Maggie, welcome to the forum!! I am an Esthetician (skin care specialist). You're asking about "hypoallergenic" products. What does that mean? In theory it means if you have sensitive skin these products should be ok for practice it doesn't always mean that. Products labeled hypoallergenic usually are the same product as brand X without the "fragrence" or without the alcohol, but still the same other ingredients. "Fragrence" does not just mean "smell", it means ARTIFICIAL smell, often created through the combination of several (up to a couple of hundred) chemicals which produce whatever "fragrence". Take for instance, cleanser. You have water, then your soap or soap-like lather producing ingredient (commonly, sodium laureth), and a whole bundle of preservatives, often tar or a tar extract (really cleansing stuff, tar) and some "fragrence" to cover up the smell of the preservatives and other ingredients. So your basic cleanser can have hundreds of chemicals in it, and it would be one or more of these chemicals and/or other ingredients that your skin is reacting to. So, what to do. You can't rely on just the word hypoallergenic on the label, that only means they've left out an ingredient or two that MOST people react to. You want to go with botanicals. Very few people have adverse reactions to those products that are "all natural" meaning made entirely from plant products -- no chemicals, no toxic preservatives-- no man-made ingredients. And yes, Auroma has it. Auroma carries a line of base lotions which are botanical, no chemicals, even their preservatives are vegetable based, and of course no fragrence. And, being in the business myself I can tell you that Auroma's prices are very reasonable, so don't worry on that score. You'll want to purchase a base, such as Cleansing Lotion Base, and then you'd add some Essential Oils to it. If I were you I'd add only one essential oil, use that for about a week and if nothing happened add a second. I'd start with something simple like Lavender, it's soothing and calming, then add Ylang Ylang, then add the Mandarin (see Auroma's recipe page). If you add the oils one at a time you'll always know which ones are suitable for you. To keep your costs down, I'd find a retailer who sells Auroma products (I'm sure they'll give you a name of someone in your area), buy the base product, and then take a little jar, and put in one or two tablespoons of the base and have your retailer add the essential oil to this small jar. This way you'll have more in the bottle to use when you're ready to add the second and third oils. Those of us who carry Auroma products will do your mixing for you or we also sell the base product and the EO's so you can mix your own. I still keep other products on my shelves, but Auroma is becoming a big seller in my salon. When you move on to moisturiers and other body lotions, shampoos and such do the same thing, one essential oil at a time. Try the Auroma recipies first, most of them are very nice. Then with experience you'll be able to try out new and different essential oils, you'll learn as you go which essential oils do what and why you'd want to use this one over that one. Our moderator, Carolyn, has some real experience in the use of essential oils and she'll probably be a big help to you on which ones to try that might not be in the recipe section. I have used this approach with a couple of my clients and they've loved it, so I hope you do to. Do let us know how it turns out for you.


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Hi Maggie, I was going to post this answer to your query on hypersensitive skin, but Leigh's wonderfully detailed and expert comments have really beaten me to it. Anyway, it is rather serendipitous that Auroma's unscented base products are all completely plant derived with no petroleum-based ingredients and are all additive-free. Since one of the major triggers for sensitization reactions is the almost ubiquitous presence of preservatives, then finding products that are free of them and therefore hypo-allergenic, is certainly a plus for those like yourself who are already sensitive. Auroma's cleanser is a highly versatile product - suitable for face and body, and also very useful as a hand cleanser thoughout the day. You might also like to try the shampoo and conditioner too, and of course there's the moisturizer too for protection from those unknown potential triggers. Since most sensitizers must be absorbed into the skin to some extent, using a moisturizer as a protective barrier might help reduce the risk somewhat of other 'nasties' getting through. You might also like to try the highly effective yet wonderfully gentle pure floral waters in lieu of a 'toner' per se. Floral waters are also known as aromatic hydrolats and are the aqueous product of distillation of the plant material to produce essential oils. Therefore, they contain those water-soluble components that could not be part of the essential oil fraction, yet are charged with the energy of the whole plant. They are very gentle and soothing indeed yet are also astringent to the skin. I would suggest you select from the rose, neroli or lavender floral waters and use as a toner. They are sold in 250 ml (8 1/3 ounce) bottles - very cost-effective. Apart from using in your morning and evening facial routine, you might decant into one of Auroma's cobalt blue bottles with a pump top, and spritz onto the face as needed. Keep in your purse, car or at your desk for on-the-spot hydrating, cooling and soothing. Wonderfully fragrant too. Keep your original bottle of floral water in the refrigerator. Hope this helps. If you'd like any further help or information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Best wishes Carolyn

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