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I am fairly new to aromatherapy and this is my visit to this board. I am looking for a good essential oil blend for relaxation. I plan to use this mainly for bath salts and possibly in lotions. Also what type of carrier oil would be good for this type of blend and application. I read a post below regarding essential oil in candles. I am a candle maker and use only soy wax in my candles. I saw that typically aromatherapy candles don't "pack enough punch" to have the full therapeudic effect and if so are expensive to make. I would like if at all possible to make 1 or 2 aromatherapy candles to have in my line. Any suggestions on the best EO's or blends for that? Thanks so much for any help or guidance on this subject. Tracey (Sandgarden)


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There are of course a number of 'standard' favored essential oils that most authors list as being 'relaxing'. One can identify certain essential oils containing significant proportions of components that have been shown to sedate and calm. However, what actually floats your particular boat will be a very personal choice. I would suggest you start by selecting some of the oils we've mentioned in previous messages here, and selecting those that you can find easily and at your price range, simply smell them to see which ones you are drawn towards. Blending your chosen oils for bath salts and lotions requires some experimentation and patience, but again just as long as you blend according to basic common sense proportions - avoid potentially irritating and sensitising oils of course - and trust your personal affinity, you should enjoy the results. For a lotion that is to be left on the skin - standard % recommendations are anywhere between 1-5% essential oil to carrier. I would suggest you try Auroma's pure, vegetable based moisturizing lotion as your carrier, then all the hard work is done for you really. Start with 1-2% essential oil blend to carrier and work from there based on your taste and skin response. Remember to avoid old citrus and pine needle oils, and do check the composition and any sensible warnings for the oils you want to work with. If you let me know what your candidates are I can help with pleasure. Essential oils most suited to candle making are also listed in emails here I believe. However, start working with oils that possess tenacity and strength of odor such as lemongrass, citronella, litsea cubeba, peppermint, spearmint, geranium, clove, cinnamon, patchouli, sweet thyme, clary sage, ylang ylang. Also essential oils will 'work' off each other - so you may discover a blend that will work wonderfully together. The only way to find out what works for your specific needs is to try it yourself. Hope this helps

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