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Hi! This is my first post and I'm so happy Auroma got this message board! I recall reading on it once the safety of aromatherapy & pets, but can't seem to find it. I'm a little PC challenged. But, I do have a very specific question I'd like to ask. I don't know if any of you have dogs & have heard of Citronella collars? Basically, when the dog barks it activates a spritz of citronella which dogs usually find stinky and don't bark w/ the collar on. Kinda mean, but better than a shock collar. Well, my thought was if they find citronella offensive than maybe I can make a citronella spray to spritz on my shoes to keep him from chewing them & other objects. I certainly don't want to guess at this and was wondering if you would have any input as to safety?? I am very much a beginner in aromatherapy so I want to be careful. I did lightly spray my dog's bed w/ lavender water a few times (thought it safe since people do it w/ babies) and it seemed to calm him down. I'd also like to maybe teach him how to track different scents just for fun---right now we play hide & seek w/ milkbones and I thought different scents would challenge him and be fun. If you have any advise, warnings, suggestions please let me know. I don't want to start anything w/o knowing it is safe first. Thanks a bundle & sorry so long!!


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Hi Chris, Welcome to the BB! - and we're so glad you're jumping in as it was intended - to question and share. Sounds like you've already had some success with the wonderful benefits of essential oils for your dog. I use eo's all the time for Jay. He's just turned 2 and he's a combo Lab Retriever and Dalmatian but looks like a BirdDawg and is a right adolescent at the moment. I've used a wide range of eo's since he was a pup - for example I regularly use eo's in his shampoo - especially when he got skunked last year - as a spritzer before we go running daily - directly on tick bites when they've been removed - as a massage when he got into a fight and got his ear bitten and when he got his tail jammed in the car door - and yes I use the stronger oils like cinnamon and peppermint and clove to keep him off things like precious plants in the yard, sofa's and shoes. Your dog will tell you what he likes and doesn;t - start with say a 5% concentration and work your way up or down appropriately according to his reaction. Just as long as he can get away from the smell, you don't get eo's in his eyes, and you don't let him ingest, then you'll do no harm. Hope this helps. Best Carolyn

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