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Cleansing Oils

How did our ancient ancestors cleanse their skin? They didn’t have the abundance of skin care choices that we have today. No commercial breaks during their favorite TV show flashing fresh-faced beauties, splashing glistening water on flawless skin, declaring that all your skin problems will wash down the drain if you’ll just buy this product! And what about those products? Are they really what is best for your skin; the largest, most exposed and vulnerable organ of your body?

Many of the high-end skin care lines tout the ability to soften fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone sagging skin and make us look younger. You don’t even need to look that closely at the labels to see that they are using synthetic proteins and fillers. Some of these products burn and cause redness and irritation. Even the cleansers and creams that say “no fragrance added”, can irritate sensitive skin. I know- I’ve tried them all!

It seems our ancestors had it right. Use only natural, healthy oils on your skin and your skin will return the favor by being the healthiest that it can be!

How Does It Work?

Thinking back to Chemistry 101, the first concept learned is “like dissolves like”, which naturally means… oil dissolves oil. Think of it like a welcoming facial massage that opens all of your pores and kindly invites all of the bacteria and comedogenic (pore clogging) oils to be washed away along with dirt and make-up. Have you ever watched all of the little oil globules rush toward each other when they are sitting on top of water? That is precisely what happens when using the oil cleansing method. I know, the thought of massaging oil into your face makes you cringe, right? Especially if you have oily skin! This is the part where you just close your eyes, enjoy the massage, and trust me!

Before you wet your face, use a quarter sized amount of oil and rub it into your skin in gentle, circular motions. Once you have covered your face and neck, you can just let the oils work their magic for a minute or two, but the longer you leave the oil on, the more bacteria and oil it will pull out. The steam from your shower helps to open your pores, as well. Once you are ready to rinse, hold a warm, wet wash cloth over your face and gently wipe oils away. If you don’t have a wash cloth, just leave the oil on a little longer and rinse under the shower. There will be a thin layer of oil left.

What is the Detox Effect?

Some people experience mild breakouts for a period of about a week after starting an oil cleansing regimen. Don’t panic and whatever you do… don’t quit the regimen! This is your skin’s reaction to the oil balancing effect of the oil cleansing method. It won’t take long for your skin to clear and you can start enjoying clear, glowing skin on a regular basis.

Jennifer Satter
Heka Essential Oils
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