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Hi all. I just started making my own soap, and I'm looking for suggestions. What combonations work well togather? What goes well with tea tree? Does anyone know a nice combination to produce a romantic aroma? So far I've kind of been making it up as I go. The combinations I've come up with smell nice, but I'm not sure what scents produce what moods and have what affects. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks


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Hi Beth, Sorry not to get back to you before now, but I've been out of town and just now catching up. Aromatic soap making is a fascinating art - and science actually - and I too have recently been preparing a new aromatherapy class called Pure, Aromatic Soap Making which will run in July at the College of DuPage here in Illinois. I find it fascinating to work out all the possible permutations for the wonderful ingredients and nutrients we have available to us now - and that's apart from the essential oil additions. It's probably a good idea to invest in one of the many aromatherapy recipe books - Auroma has a good range actually - you might like to start with the 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy which will start you off in the right direction, and also provides recipes for all sorts of home-made products other than soaps. Another real favorite is Donna Maria's book - she has one specifically on soap making, and also on making aromatherapy creams and lotions. Donna Maria Coles Johnson is also the originator of the Handmade Toiletires Network and can be reached at I believe there is a direct link to her site from Auroma's. Anyway, these are excellent resources to start researching blends. However, I would suggest that there is no replacement for personal experience. If you know you want to base your blend on a specific eo - perhaps for its' therapeutic indications, or its' fragrance qualities - then you would spend a little time simply smelling it to get a good idea of it's idiosyncratic fragrance notes. For example if you smell Tea Tree, you might pick up on the fresh, warm, camphoraceous note with a hint of spice to it. You could compliment or enhance this in many ways. For example to intensify the spicy-camphoraceous notes you could add other spice oils like nutmeg, clove or ginger or black pepper. To go for the real manly-herby-tobacco-like fragrance try clary sage, or perhaps a pine or fir oil. To compliment with a sweeter yet herbaceous note, you could choose lavender, geranium or marjoram. You could intensify the cooler camphoraceous note by adding rosemary, peppermint or lavandin. Lift with bergamot (Fourocoumarin Free), of lift and sweeten with Ylang Ylang. I love the citrus oils, but sometimes they don't have enough strength to suit soap making. So try juicy Lime with Tea Tree, or perhaps a significant quantity of sweet orange. When you are testing combinations, use cut strips of coffee filter paper as your smelling strips, and vary the # of drops 1 to 5 of 2 oils to start with. This is the simplest way to start. So you might have 5 drops of TT with 1 drop of Lime on one strip. Mark it #1. Then the next one would have 5 drops TT and 2 of Lime and so on. Continue sniffing each of these over at least 30 minutes. Choose the combination you prefer the best, and voila - you have your personal blend. If you're creating a soap as a gift for someone else, you might like to involve them in this process. It's so much fun and you'll be surprised at the memories and images that will come up for you as you sniff. A very healthy exercise for mind and body! Have fun, and let me know how you go on. Actually, I'm sure the ever-growing band of Bulletin Board users who have their own favorite recipes would be willing to share. Please let us know what wonderful creations you come up with in due course. Thanks in advance... Carolyn


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Hi! I've been making soap for quite awhile, and I love it! I make a tea tree and lavender soap that's quite popular. The combination is great for all skin types. Vivienne

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