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Hi, i live in suburbs of Chicago and i am very much interested in learning aromatherapy. Can anyone tell me where to learn it?


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Good Morning Blue and I wish you had posted this query a little earlier because I've just returned from a two-week aromatherapy teaching session at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. No matter, there are a number of ways you can find a good quality aromatherapy training program to suit your needs. Firstly, you should find adverts for classes in various publications covering Chicago and suburbs such as Conscious Choice, The Monthly Aspectarian and some newer ones that I picked up at the Wholefoods store and can't remember the names of now - sorry. Secondly, call the local community colleges to see if they have training programs. My own program is a professional level 200 contact hour format in compliance with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Now in its 4th successful year, I have just graduated last years group and started off next years group, and so if you'd like more information about the content, learning objectives, assessment criteria and structure of this program as a guideline, I'd be more than happy to discuss. You may not want such an in depth program and this one certainly requires a strong committment from the student, but then there arn't that many programs available to this level of professional study. There are many, many introductory classes that will satisfy your interest for aromatherapy and teach you how to use essential oils in your daily life. Be aware however that there are companies out there who sell essential oils on a multi-level marketing basis and so they offer classes that are very interesting and whilst they provide some fundamental information about essential oils and how to use them, they are basically intended to encourage you to become a down-liner. Having taught many students who have completed these forms of 'training' I can tell you that in reality some of the claims made for the properties and benefits of essential oils are often misinformed and therefore unfortunately misleading. Also certain techniques taught for the administration and application of certain essential oils are potentially hazardous. Fortunately when presented with a full representation of available evidence, students can make their own educated decision about the safe and effective use of essential oils in reality. Lastly, you might like to go to where they have a whole section on aromatherapy education standards and guidelines for curricula. This will give you a good idea of what the industry is offering training-wise and which educators and schools have sought NAHA approval. Remember though, just because a school isn't on their list doesn't mean they don't provide excellent training. Please ask if I can help you with anything else in your search. Perhaps if you could tell me what you want to do with essential oils, then I can better guide you to a suitable training program. Best wishes Carolyn

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