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I recently read online that sandalwood powder made into a paste helps alleviate joint pain, i.e. bursitis.

If this indeed can be used to relieve joint pain, would I be able to mix it with distilled water?  If not, any suggestions?  If yes, what would the recipe ratio be?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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You should find more threads on the use of sandalwood powder that might help if you have the time and inclination to search within the forum a little - but ithe paste is actually really simple to prepare and the 'carrier' can be adapted to best suit your specific needs.
For example distilled water is absolutely fine to use if you want, but Auroma's moisturizing lotion is also excellent as a carrier to create a thicker, more emollient paste an won't dry up and crack as quickly as using water will. Auroma also has a wide range of macerated herbal oils - again to create a more occlusive, adherent paste with the sandalwood powder - remembering that results are also directly related to duration of application as is concentration of components. If you prefer an aqueous base then consider herbal tinctures - one might use tincture of chamomile or arnica for example to support the soothing and cooling properties of the sandalwood powder - and adding a drop or two of complimentary essential oil is perfectly acceptable. Covering the paste application - occluding - with food-wrap is likely to facilitate potential results - but also intensify any potential negative reactions too. Less is more is always the tenet until you know how the individual body responds.
Start with 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and simply add carrier of choice until you reach the consistency you want - thick enough not to dribble and moist enough to be pliable.
Add 1 drop of essential oil per tablespoon of paste to start and increase as your tolerance dictates but only up to 3 drops maximum. Avoid essential oils marked as skin and mucus membrane irritants - I would add sandalwood - East Indian if you have it but the Western Australlian Santalum spicatum is perfect for this type of application and significantly cheaper - German or Roman chamomile, Lavender or any eo with well-documented anti-inflammatory action.
Hope this  helps - don't hesitate to ask if we can help - and please do share your experiences with us here in the forum.
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