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Hello everyone: I am a novice in the area of aromatherapy and I am looking for information on any research done on the use and benefits of aromatherapy. Currently I am a graduate student at DePaul university mathematical department (Applied Statistics) and as part of the requirement for the experimental design course, I need to write and present a “paper” in from of the class on any topic where design of experiment and statistical analyses have been used to drawn conclusions. Since I am interested in learning more about aromatherapy, I thought this will be a good area to investigate. Here are my questions: Does anybody know where I can find “raw data” on any research done on the use and benefits of a given EO’s or plants to treat a given disease? Does anybody know the names of scientific journal dedicated to aromatherapy? Also, if anybody has “old data” and would like to donate it so I can “play around with the numbers” that will help me tremendously. Thanks in advance Frank


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Hey Frank - glad to have you on the message boards and well it's going to be difficult to know where to start really. Please go to - the old Olfactory Research Fund site with a new name - lots of nothing but Ph.D papers, refs and sources. Then try and search for the Aromatherapy Organisations Council site - they have 'A Guide to Literature Searching for Research in Aromatherapy' - which should cost you the equivalent of 5 pounds sterling. There's the International Journal of Aromatherapy available from (Journal enquiries). You can also reach them by telephone on +44 (0)208 308 5700 and There's the Aromatherapy Times which is the Journal of the International Federation of Aromatherapists - find them on the web I think. You might not find too much specifically on aromatherapy from The Research Council for Complimentary Medicine, based in London and again no doubt accessible through the web although I don't have a direct address for you. I only say this because unfortunately essential oils are not considered to be mainstream enough yet. There's the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Therapies - a review edited by the Department of Complementary Medicine, Postgraduate Medical School, University of Exeter in UK - tel 01392-424872. I have Les Cahiers de l'Aromatherapie - which is a bilingual publication from Editions JAKIN BP521, 1001 Lausanne Switzerland - excellent stuff. And closer to home try the Allured Publishing Corporation in Carol Stream, IL tel 708-653-22155 - but they do have a website so just search their name. They will have Poucher in 3 volumes published by Chapman & Hall - Brian Lawrence's works and Arctander too - classics. I include a vital section in my aroma training program that encourages an 'evidence-based' approach to their studies by presenting them with the work of Michael Kirk Smith of the University of Ulster in N. Ireland and Sylla Shepdard-Hanger of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy in this country - go to They have a whole package of guidelines and info about design study protocol and evaluation. Jane Buckle is another excellent contact - she has been pioneering the serious inclusion of essential oil therapy within primary health care for quite some time now in this country and the UK. Search for RJ Buckle Associates LLC - she's now in New York. I would also try going to the Essential Oil University on the web - directed by Dr Rob Pappas of the USA - and one of the UK's leading authorities is Tony burfield at Lastly and by no means least - you'll find interesting papers - although not all of them are seriously research-based by any means on the AGORA website - type this in to your search for aromatherapy stuff and you shouldn't have a problem. Look for papers by Martin Watt and Ron Guba of Australia - both highly respected 'authorities' in the field. Ron Guba provides technical support I believe to Auroma - so we are fortunate. Oh and try Kurt Schnaubelt, a European biochemist with many years of aromatherapy research - especially lately for cancer treatment support - author of a number of well-reference books and directs the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. So - hope this gives you something to be going on with. Let us know how you fare. Best wishes Carolyn


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Hi start of with online resources available on different websites on aromatherapy essentil oils ,it will give you a basic knowledge about it, once you have done a little reading on your own the aromatherapy course will be more easy to understand
Nirvana Aromatherapy

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Thank you, so much, for that thorough reply, Carolyn.  I have been looking for similar information for some of my online clients.  Also, please let me know if you know of any books or texts which have been published on essentials more from the chemical research stand point, anything other than Young Livings Essential Oils Desk Reference.
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