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I've just joined the forums and am looking forward to communicating with others who may be using eo with their pets.  I own a pet boutique and grooming spa and do Reiki and massage on dogs.  I also breed and am just in the beginning phases of using the eo with the dogs.  I have just purchased hydrosols since I have been told they are an easier and less offensive way to introduce eo to dogs.  I also have learned about using carrier oils and adding some eo and letting a dog choose what eo they need.  Of course I would  try to determine which of the eo the dog would need at the time.  Does anyone have any experience using hydrosols or what carrier oil do you find most effective?  Thanks for any information anyone is willing to share.


Judith A. Swanson

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Welcome and please forgive the very tardy response. Hydrosols are certainly a very gentle way to introduce aromatherapy to dogs - and many authorities hold that hydrosols are the 'only' form suitable for use with cats due to their peculiar metabolic breakdown- although cats are unlikely to remain anywhere they find unpalatable.
Benefits of hydrosols include the potential action of some of the water-soluble components found in the parent plant - and so are perfect for cleansing around ears and eyes and other delicate areas - but not strong enough for ticks, fleas, and strong coat and paw cleaning. A number of essential oils have been used in veterinary work for many, many years - way before other pharmaceuticals were available.
Be careful though with using concentrated preparations near eyes and noses - ocular and respiratory membranes may not react well to some essential oils. Use low dose first - then build up depending on the result you want. Less is still often more even with dogs - although cleaning a wound, deterring fleas and ticks, combatting fungal infections for example will likely require relatively high concentrations to be effective.
Regarding carrier oils - since any oils you would use on your own skin would do as far as I know - though you'd probably want to keep the cost down. Auroma has a comprehensive line and usually good discounts.
As always with humans - it's important that your dogs like the essential oil or hydrosol you want to use - so test with a small amount and see how the animal reacts. I have used essential oils with my dog Jay all his life - 8 years now - for fleas, ticks, bumps, cuts, ears, shampoos, diarrhea, and sheer ancy-ness. He tells me what he'll put up with every time and sometimes he'll tolerate one then another.

Hope this helps - and do check out Auroma's unscented base products for cost-effective ease of blending - shampoo, cleanser, and a whole line of reference materials.
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