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I know its difficult to make an essential oil at home, but if one could make pure essential oils at home what yield would be worth it. 1 ml, 10ml, 100ml...

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Hallo, I'am an Austrian engineer, offering know-how and all the staff like water steam copper stills to make your own essential oils at home. Since 12 years we offer workshops for distilling essential oils, we also have a book about distilling the oil.
This is all in German, but since three weeks, the book is also available in english:

further our seminars - we have  english online seminars.

And also 2 small you-tube Videos about homemade essential oils:


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Amazing ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for $50. It comes with some essential oils to start with and FREE 2 day shipping anywhere in the US. Visit: for more info and specs..

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It's not that I doubt the effects of homemade essential oils. I did consider making my own but I was afraid that I won't get the desired results so I decided not to and just continue buying from my favorite essential oil shop online, Healing Solutions, for they have a wide array of products to choose from.

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It depends on the type of oil you're trying to make. For example, if you make an infused aromatherapy oil it's not complicated at all. You can use a spoon full of calendula flowers (or lavender, rose, rosemary etc.), and infuse them in a jar (bottle). Then pour over the herbs olive oil (extra virgin) or any other vegetable oil you like (sweet almond, grapeseed, coconut etc.) until you fill the recipient. You could get at least 150 ml, depending on the jar or bottle and use it for massages or in cosmetics.

The oil made this way will be ready to be applied on the skin, with the same properties as the essential oil, only a bit diluted. Which is good, considering that essential oils must be diluted at all times. This way you're sure you're using organic aromatherapy oils. Don't forget to keep them in a dark and cool place, to avoid rancidity or add a few drops of vitamin E (or wheat germ oil) to lengthen their shelf life.

Have fun!


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Ever since I really started getting into essential oils, I have wanted to put an essential oil diffuser in every room. It’s so much better than using harmful air fresheners, and many of them can double as night lights.

Essential Oil Diffuser
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