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What are some good aromatherapy books that you can recommend for beginners?


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The most important quality a beginners book on aromatherapy can have is it's attention to sound referencing of sources for the various claims made. There are many very interesting approaches to the historical roots (excuse pun) practice of ATX, however unless you are prepared to accept the content as basically anecdotal evidence, you'll need an author who backs his or her material up with references to whatever research is available on the subject. Not that evidence-based research is the be-all and end-all, but it certainly gives a sound basis for your introduction to aromatherapy - to get you off on a more realistic foot so to speak. So, I suggest the following books to my students, and please don;t be put off by the first title - it offers an excellent overview of both the scientific/clinical and intuitive sides of aromatherapy - just take your time over the sections on the biochemistry and don't expect yourself to absorb it all at once: Schnaubelt, Kurt; Advanced Aromatherapy Price, Shirley and Len; Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, 2nd Edition - Probably one of the most sensible and complete presentations of practical aromatherapy suitable for health-care professionals - so if you follow these guidelines you should be reasonably confident that you're working safely and effectively. Lawless, Julia; The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils - perhaps start with this one - a great historical and practical 'hands on' overview at the beginning with lots of glossy pictures of a huge range of eo's. Perhaps more unusual examples than would normally be included in everyday aromatherapy - many either not available or not suitable for general use - however still fascinating to read about. Hope this helps! Carolyn


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I own Kurt Schnaubelt's Advanced Aromatherapy and highly recommend it.  I plan on checking out the Julia Lawless book you recommend, Carolyn.  Thank you!
Another book I enjoyed is Quick Reference Guide for 114 Important Essential Oils by Monika Haas.  I do, however, recommend reading a more indepth book on essential oils first.

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