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I am wondering how and which essential oils can be used to enhance fertility?
Also, if one undergoes medical fertility treatment, are there oils which can be used during that process which would not interfere hormonally?

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This is an extremely dodgy area for serious aromatherapy - primarily because the root cause of infertility may be a relatively simple matter of relaxing - or a complex and resistant combination of multiple barriers.
There are a number of aromatherapy experts who present their rationale for the use of specific essential oils based on chemical composition - that some components present in essential oils can mimic the actions of human hormones - but often without sufficient reliable, repeatable supporting evidence. It really depends on who you read.
There are many lists to be found in aromatherapy books and articles declaring a wide spectrum of essential oils to be contraindicated during pregnancy - these range from Dalmatian and Clary sage to rose and jasmine to peppermint and eucalyptus (and many more) - and not many experts can agree. So I would suggest that unless you're intending to ingest the essential oils, many benefits may be enjoyed through a modest use of whatever essential oil(s) take your fancy - diffused in the bedroom and/or massaged into the skin as a part of preparing for conception.
Ingestion of essential oils for any condition is preferred when prescribed and directed by a medically qualified aromatherapist and very often treatment of systemic conditions is approached through ingestion.
Please however, do ask your physician if he/she objects.
Hope this helps,

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