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Carolyn: A women asked me if I could make an eye cream for you - I have looked in the few books that I have and can't find anything - gels are mentioned in one book but not a cream - what would you suggest? Thanks so much for all your help. Pat Molter


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Hey Pat, Well, gels are often preferred since they're usually much lighter in consistency than creams and you don't want to put anything heavy on the delicate skin there to avoid 'pulling'. However I would refer you to a wonderful book by Donna Maria Coles Johnson called 'making aromatherapy creams & lotions'. Have you tried the facial treatment blends from Auroma? They're based on a blend of various fixed and essential oils, highly effective on their own, or may be a perfect base for a light emulsion. Remember emulsions are most easily absorbed by the skin since they're a combination of water-, and lipid-soluble components - and would be much lighter than a cream. You can fine-tune the final consistency of handmade products to the recipients' specific needs simply by adjusting the ratio of oil to water fractions. DM suggests that a basic cream would have around 30% fats, 60% waters and 10% emulsifier or thickening agent. I've made some excellent lotions by adjusting to 20 or 15% lipid-base ingredients such as Rose hip oil, Borage, Evening Primrose etc., and 70-75% as hydrosol, or herbal tincture or even coconut juice - but you'll need to add a preservative such as vit E or grapefruit seed extract. The emulsifying agent can be Acacia gum, Tragacanth gum, Xanthan gum, or vegetable emulsifying wax - a lthough I've even used agar agar and an oriental seaweed extract I found in the cooking section of the WhoileFoods store. Then of course you can add your selection of eo's as the active ingredients - concentration for an eyecare product should be very low - say 1-1.5% to start I should say. Hope this helps Pat, and let me know how you go on eh? Cx

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