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Does anyone know any essential oil recipes for muscle aches and/or bruises? Every now and then I get injured from playing sports and I'd like to know if there are any effective concoctions out there. Thanks.


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If you think about what is happening in the muscles when they're aching, then this will give you an idea of what therapeutic indications to look for in potential essential oil aids. Muscles can ache due to underuse, overuse, injury, and systemic infection(or even somtimes as a result of an allergic reaction) - these latter conditions result in some form of inflammatory response. Inflammation can be due to the tearing/breaking of tissues, or the accumulation of various body fluids including inflammatory products that tend to congest the muscle fibers and prevent the normal through flow of materials. In overuse for eg., the build up of lactic acid - of not removed effectively - is a self-limiting situation and ends up completely congesting the muscle tissues. This needs to be removed before the muscles can contract and relax again properly. Lactic acid build up is partly what causes that stiffness and aching - especially after you've overdone it. It needs to be removed by the blood stream and forwarded to the liver for breakdown and reintegration into the body. So in this case you'd need an antiinflammative, antispasmodic, rubefacient and circulatory stimulant - such eo's with those potential therapeutic actions for example; The rosemary's - Rosmarinus officinalis, 1,8 cineole; or even the bornyl acetate verbenone ct. Black pepper - Piper nigrum would be another potential candidate; Juniperberry - Juniperus communis; Sweet thyme - Thymus vulgaris, bs linalool; Grapefruit - Citrus paradisi (distilled if you can get it or take care not to expose directly to UV light after high useage of grapefruit expressed) and Cedrus atlantica - highly stimulating without irritation; peppermint - Mentha x piperita or Spearmint for a fruitier, softer alternaive in Mentha spicata are excellent anti-fatigue and motivating eo's as well as being antispasmodic and antiinflammative in low dosage. Don't use with caridac fibrillation or for very young children (under 3-5's depending on frailty) although they're unlikely to be exercising of course. Also for highly antiinflammtive and antispasmodic eo's - that are perfectly suitable for children and elderly alike and for those delicate exercisers amongst us - try German chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla, Roman chamomile - Anthemis nobilis and Immortelle (aka everlasting or helichrysum) - Helichrysum italicum blended with Lavandula officinalis or L. vera - especially when there's bruising present. Use up to 5% if applying locally to the site of the ache. This equates to 25 drops in total of eo selection in 25 ml (just under 1 fluid ounce) of carrier - Auroma has a wide range of pure, cold=pressed vegetal oils for massage, or purely plant-derived fragrance-free & additive-free moiturizing lotion. For each full-body application in 24 hours cut this by half to add 2-3% of eo's to base. Always select those essential oils you are drawn towards by fragrance. You need to actually LIKE what you use! ALWAYS stretch out adequately before any exercise - and afterwards too and drink at least 10 glasses of water a day - plus one extra glass for every soda, coffee or 20 minutes of exercise you take. Always remember to seek appropriate medical advice whenever injury is suspected before you use eo's. For underused muscles, try a blend of the eo's as suggested above and massage - either full-body or into the limbs before you start exercising again. You'll be surprised just how motivated you'll feel afterwards!


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Essential Oils are also good for prevention. It contain properties that are documented to be anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and more. Use these aromatherapy muscle pain recipes to help reduce inflammation, ease pain and relax tight muscles.

Kewra oil


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try gaultheria oil wintergreen oil for sprains gives immediate relief also good for joint pains and muscular pains. mix with coconut oil if u have sensitive skin donot rub this essential oil as it creates a lot of heat.
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