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Hi, Although I am new to this message board, I am not exactly new to using essential oils in my candle diffuser.  However, my wonderful boyfriend just gave me an awesome and large collection of new oils for Christmas, and I am frustrated with something, and hope someone here can point me to the information I seek... 

I read over and over again that candle diffusers may not be appropriate for some essential oils because they do not hold up when heated.  That's great to know, but nowhere can I find which oils are not appropriate for heating!!

I have some oils that do not seem to smell at all when heated in the candle diffuser.  Should I assume that those are the ones that are not good for heating?  Or possibly, they are just not great quality?  It's hard to know...

I have been looking and looking for a site, a book or a guide that gives a "how to use" for each oil.  I've ordered aromatherapy books from every library in my region, to no avail. 

Yes, I'd love the guide to indicate whether the oil is effective when it is heated, and it would also be great if it would give a run down on the other methods of use - can it be rubbed onto the skin, ingested, dropped into bathwater, spritzed, etc. etc.  Has anyone ever seen such a guide?

Thanks for the opportunity to ask fellow aromatherapy lovers:-)



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Essential Oils are a gift from Mother Nature. As such, She has provided us with many, and they are all a bit different from one another. It's obvious from your post that you have begun your own journey into aromatherapy. The use of an oil burner is often the first way many of us practice aromatherapy. I would suggest that the resinous eo's such as Olibanum (Frankincense), Myrrh & Vetiver would be less effective in your oil burner. However, at the end of the day, you should experiment. There are so many ways eo's can be used in your daily regeiment, from skin care, to room fragrancing, to meditation. Continue your self education and build your essential oil collection. I can assure you that there is no turning back. Enjoy!

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