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I have a few questions I need to ask for a friend suffering from eczema.  She gets open sores on her hands that are very painful.  She uses gloves to cover her hands so they don't get irritated.  Anytime a plant based product touches her hands she instantly gets sores and they open.  She said if her hand touches grass it instantly gets irritated.  She did go in for allergy testing and the didn't find her allergic to anything.  This does not make sense to me.  I tried giving her a bergamot and carrot seed oil lotion but this caused her hands to get very irritated. 
Needless to say she is at her wits end. This is causing her severe frustration and feels like she has been to so many doctors who know nothing.  I was wondering if you had any ideas of what she could try on her hands.  I was thinking of just giving her a small trial of The Aromatherapy Place unscented and additive free lotion with nothing added to it.  I told her I would ask your opinion on the matter.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!!!!

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Certainly Auroma's moisturizing lotion is a particularly suitable choice for anyone with highly sensitive skin but perhaps the best way to help your friend is to approach this problem psychoneuroimmunologically - that is to focus on calming what sounds like an extremely over-sensitive immune system via her nervous system and not to add any essential oils to the hands directly.
This would require working with your friend to find an essential oil that she really likes to smell and finding a method of deep relaxation that she's prepared to practice daily whilst diffusing that specific essential oil (or oils) - and here's why...

The sense of smell, the central nervous system and the immune system are directly and intricately linked and so by stimulating the parts of the brain responsible for processing odor the other 2 systems are directly influenced. Massage, meditation, reflexology - really any relaxation technique that works for her - combined with the effects of her favorite essential oil - AND the potential influence of those components with calming and soothing properties carried through the lungs into her circulatory system - could very well help to settle an over-reactive immune system and therefore her inflammatory response through the skin on her hands.

There's an enormous body of information available within the field of psychoneuroimmunology - plenty of reference material online and at the bookstore - and I would recommend Mind Body Medicine - a compilation of interviews by Bill Moyer with extremely well respected physicians and scientists on the subject.

Kevin at Auroma will be happy to advise on the best essential oil room diffuser for your needs - and you and your friend can work together to find an essential oil that she really has an affinity with.
Hope this helps, and please just ask if you need more information.

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