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Hi all,

I have a strong memory of the scent of clary sage...yet there
are other notes to the scent in my memory I'm not able to identify.

The best way to describe the memory is that of a greenhouse....earthy,
rich soil, clary sage, and then some tropical/flower/fern note. Might be freesia.

Please suggest what goes well with clary sage and would enrich the scent of rich soil,
and not be too contrasted with the overall scent background in a fern forest or greenhouse.

I apologise for the poor description....hard for me to put the scent into words since
it's just a long ago memory that I am trying to piece together.

The scent was just very grounding. Not too woody. Not overly floral. Not a scent
you would stumble upon in too many places...fits in the night air.

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