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Hi, I'm Lauren, and I'm new, not only to this forum but to essential oils/aromatherapy in general.  My mom has recently gotten into therapeutic grade essential oils and I'm having her order a few for me.

But I'm wondering how much benefit I'm likely to get.  I barely have a sense of smell, have always been that way.  Aromatherapy, well, kind of implies you can, well, smell the aroma.  If it's a really strong smell, and I put my nose up to it, I can smell some stuff.  Like if a kitty litter box has gone too long between cleanings and I happen to put my nose to it, I can tell, but I couldn't tell just by walking into the room containing said litter box.  I can smell vinegar.  But if you put either scent, cat urine or vinegar, under my nose and asked me to identify which of the two it is, I'm not sure that I could.  

Things like other scents are either very weak and undetectable as a unique scent, or I can't smell it at all.  Zip, zero, zilch.  

So I'm wondering how much benefit I might expect?  I have heard/read that the essential oils can be put on your feet, and most folks don't go around with their feet up by their nose, so there it has to get where it needs to go absent the use of smelling it.  But I'm just wondering if it would still work for someone not able to smell the aroma?  That may seem like a silly question, but I'm a newbie, so please bear with me.  

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