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Help - my bath salts are clumping!
I have made bath salts in the past using a recipe including borax & sea salt.  Do any of you know of a recipe that will help bath salts from clumping after being stored?  I visited Bath Junkie and purchased bath salts from them.  They use sea salt and essential oils and a moisturizing lotiion. 

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Any time I had clumpy bath salts, it was because I hadn't let them dry out properly before bottling - and to avoid clumping once packaged requires one of those tight clamping lids as for jam-making.
So spread your salts out onto wax paper/baking liner sheet into as thin a layer as possible and as separate as possible - min of 6 hours and preferably overnight. Any exposure to humidity is likely to clump and of course bath salts are usually kept in a continually moist bathroom.
Adding baking soda to your mix of epsom and sea salts might also help prevent clumping.
Try 1 cup each of sea salt and epsom salts and then add 2 cups baking soda, your essential oils and food coloring if desired - but remember that the more 'liquid' you add to your salt combination, the more likely you'll have clumping.

Actually Auroma has a fine line of raw materials for essential oil product making, so do call him and ask if he has anything that might help absorb moisture. I believe dried orris root is used to preserve pot pourri - but not sure how that would work with bath salts.

P.S... having re-read your email it's not surprising you have the clumps - would have thought that moisturizing lotion would act as a binding agent - in fact have intentionally used moisturizing lotion to make fab body and facial scrub paste with Auroma's all plant scrub and essential oils.

Hope this helps,


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None of the recipes I see ever talk about drying out the bath salt mixes. I will try that. So oils like coconut and grape seed oil ans rosehip do not cause clumping if you dry out the salt mix?
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