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Hi all!

I read some good replies given by Carolyn (namely in the auto-immune disease thread). It was so interesting to read that we overeact to a lot of things. it makes perfect sense to me!

I possibly have Hashimoto's too and have had a background of viruses infection for years, Epstein barr, CMV etc with fatigue, quite low cortisol, blood pressure etc.. and now small white dots appear on my forearms (hope it's not vitiligo). Im seeing a specialist tomorrow (naturopath)

I have a few questions about EO. I have bought some books and am studying them at the moment but still have questions.

1. is it really as effective to take them internally than to rub it on the skin?
2. what happens when we use EO for cosmetics, it also enters the body so although we use them for our skin, it can also help other problems inside?
3. has anyone cleared their skin of moles/brown spots with EO? I have SO many on my body and would love to see a few of them disappear.
4. I have heard both that we should choose the ones we don't like the smell of or onthe contrary we do like the smell of. which is it? also some therapist lets their patient pick one randomly (their subconscious chooses for them). I'm asking this for two reasons. The first one is that there are so many remedies I could take and can't make up my mind. I know I love citrus oils, especially bergamot, orange and grapefruit, could smell them for hours. so I wondered if I could use only those that are pleasant to me?
Secondly my mum has a lot of inflammation in her body, pain everywhere, she is not pro natural stuff unfortunately but agreed I made her a blend of EO, she doesn't like EO initially because of their strong smells, so should I make her smell them all (the anti inflammatory ones) and let her choose a few? also she has alcoholism issues and her health is quite damaged, if I could find an EO that would also help her liver and anxiety it would be good (like carrot seeds). what do you think?

I'm sorry for all these questions!
Currently, I'm applying black spruce on my adrenals in the am, myrt for my thyroid, I also decided to take lemon internally (one drop three times a week) for cravings, digestion etc and thought I'd add clove maybe for the immune system as oregano can be harsh (apparently?) Is it true that oregano can kill the good bacterias in the body too?

Thank you so much for this wonderful forum! so much to read!!

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