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Hi! I believe it was over a year ago that I read about the clinical trials done in Aberdeen Scotland, using aromatherapy oils to treat alopecia. Well I have had alopecia for 17 yrs now and ever sice I have started seeing a Homeopathic doctor and using the aromatherapy oils used in this study I have had great success in growing my hair back! My head is not completly covered but its growing in patches. I haven't been consistent in using the oils as of late since I am a 22yr old college student; I was wondering based on what you know of aromatherapy, how often does one have to use it per week to obtain the desired results and for the application: is a heated towel really needed to aid in absorbtion? I am really curious to know what you think! Thanks Penny Ann!!


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Hi Penny Ann, Well, I very nearly had a fit earlier on since I had just spent about 15 minutes typing you a detailed reply and then for some unknown reason the electricity had a surge and all was lost! Just one of the joys of living in the mountains of NC I guess. Anyway, my reply went something like this. I also have a copy of that report on eo's for alopecia hidden somwehere in my files, and it's absolutely wonderful to hear of someone following up on a personal basis. Long-term use of eo's carries some cautions. Normally most commonly available eo's are pretty safe for daily use at the generally acceptable dosages. I use eo's on a daily basis in shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer and spritzers and baths etc., and have done for many years. It must be pointed out however, that of those eo components that are able to enter the body to any significant extent, some of those eo components do build up in body tissues and can reach threshold levels at some undetermined point that may pose chronic toxicity problems. Therefore, the general recommendation is to use your single or blended eo's for no longer than 2-3 weeks at a time - and of course this pre-supposes that you are using eo's that are generally considered safe and at % levels within the normally recommended 2-3% in whatever carrier you are using. One way round this to some extent is to blend a selection of alternative eo's that have similar properties and use these intermittently. Bear in mind however, that if you are originally using eo's that contain components that either contain components that are potentially hazardous when they reach a certain threshold level, or metabolized into such components, then you're jumping from the frying pan into the fire so to speak. It would require some reasonably careful research into potential alternatives - but worth it in the end to be safe and continue the benefits you're already experienceing wouldn't it? It is however, always advisable to give yourself a complete break for a short while - some authorities say about 7 days or so every 3-4 weeks. It would be useful to know the Latin names of those eo's you are using and at what concentration to be able to make a more informed comment. I would suggest that to use those normally recommended eo's for scalp stimulation daily in your shampoo and conditioner is probably the optimum protocol for most significant results. Auroma has a perfect duo shampoo and conditioner, both purely plant-derived, additive free and unscented. You might also like to consider a nourishing treatment for the scalp using your blend of eo's plus 20% rosehip oil (Rosa rubiginosa) and 80% jojoba. Massage into the scalp and hair roots and then wrap in cling wrap and either soak in a hot tub for at least 30 mins or sleep overnight and shampoo and condition as usual in the morning. There are a # of proprietory products for hair loss now that use alcohol to help penetration of active components. You can also blend your eo selection in vodka and use as a scalp rub last thing at night before retiring. Anything that aids the penetration of eo components into the stratum corneum - and only very few eo components have been shown to penetrate further than this to any great extent - is both an advantage and a potential disadvantage. On the plus side one would want the active components to get in as deeply as possible to the hair follicle and germinativum layer of the skin. The disadvantage is that potentially sensitizing or irritating components might also be forced deeper into the skin too. Warmth, moisture, friction, occlusion (i.e. covering the area of skin to which the eo's have just been applied), and exfoliation and even detergents to a certain extent all have the potential for assisting the penetration of those eo components that have the ability to be absorbed into the skin - which is why warm towels are advised. Hope this helps. Let me know how you go on. Best Carolyn


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Hi Carolyn,
My husband has alopecia for the last 5 years. He takes cortisone shots on his eyebrows and scalp. We have been searching for an alternate treatment and heard about aromatherapy. Is it necessary to go to a professional for treatment or can we make the composition ourselves? Any reading materials on how we can make them? Or can you please suggest how to make the oil mixture and how to apply it?
Thanks for all the help.
- concerned

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