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I am after a recipe blend of oils for hypertension can anyone help me please


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Welcome! The case for essential oils and blood pressure is still out and although many authorities state that certain eo's are either indicated or contraindicated for both hyper- and hypotension, the most published evidence-based reports are related to the internal ingestion of eo's and not for inhalational use or by administration to the skin. Tisserand and Balacs address this issue in their Essential Oil Safety, pages 64 - 65. They remind us that any toxic material is likely to produce hypertension via reflex stimulation of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system - unless that is the oil in use has a pronounced depressant effect on the heart or the ability to dilate small arterioles and arteries. It's also possible that some eo's can influence the movement of calcium across cell membranes and if levels can reach significant thresholds this might happen say with the ingestion of Mentha x piperita, although unlikely after massaging into the skin. Rosemary eo has also shown the potential for being able to influence calcium influx - but again with oral ingestion. There are some eo's that have been shown to have a hypotensive effect for anumber of reasons - unfortunately garlic eo is one of them and I wouldn't suggest anyone use that in any other way than internally and directed accordingly by a medically qualified aromatherapist or herbalist. It's not the most pleasantly fragrant of oils. Geranium and lavender (no Latin binomials given) have shoen to be weakly hypotensive in animals - also Taget oil in dogs. They also include reference to carrot oil, hyssop, rosewood and calamus. Rosewood is considered to be an endangered species by some authorities and calamus is not readily available and not a well-referenced eo for general aromatherapy use. I would personally suggest that any eo that you are drawn towards fragrance-wise that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and satisfied is potentially suitable for helping to provide an optimum environment for the reduction of tension and therefore possibly BP too. Recommended safe levels of use for a full-body massage which would certainly compound the effects of the eo's is normally 2-3%. That would be 14-16 drops in 30 ml of vegetable or other suitable massge carrier. Try 5-10 (maximum) drops in a full tub of water to soak - again depending on the eo's selected. Some are more aggressive to the skin and should be reduced accordingly. As a suggestion you might try a blend selected from the following: Lavandula officinalis (aka L. angustofolium) Pelargonium graveolens - geranium Daucus carota - carrot seed Among the more available 'sedative' eo's as are listed on page 73 you might select from the following: Citrus aurantium var. amara po flowers - neroli Myristica fragrans - nutmeg Rosa damascena or R. centifolia - absolute or otto - rose Origanum marjorana - sweet marjoram Salvia sclarea - clary sage Matricaria chamomilla (or M. recutita) - German chamomile I would reccomend selecting single oils to start with and then once you get used to their effects, increase to no more than 3 or 4 different oils in a blend at one time. Give yourself at least a week or 2 to use them regularly, and then select another combination - alternating in this way. It is vital that you allow yourself to select the oils by affinity to their fragrance - you must actually LIKE the oil or blend you use. This is really important for optimum benefit. Hope this helps, Best wishes Carolyn


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Massaging with essential oil has tremendous benefits on hyper tension. The aroma of essential oil such as lemon oil can reduce the high blood pressure and make you more relax and calm. There are certain essential oils which are prohibited if your are suffering from hypertension. So, you should consult an expert before selecting any essential oil for person having hyper tension. 
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