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A friend has asked me to help her with a moisturizer - she has eczema - all along her hairline in front and also at the neck. she also has a problem with eczema on her heels. I would like to use self-heal cream as the base for her moisturizer - or do you have a better suggestion? what oils would you use - any to stay from? What for her feet? What should she use for an exfoiliant? thanks for your help. Pat Molter


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Hi Pat, Since eczema - a form of dermtitis - is as the ending 'itis' suggests - and is the result of a particular type of epidermal inflammation with a wide range of causative factors. Generally, the dry, fissured and scaly areas are treated with bland emollients that can often be enough to stop the irritation and allow healing - since often it's the scratching that makes the whole thing worse. Emulsifying ointments or lotions are used instead of soap to avoid drying - so look for cleansers that don't have those alkaline skin irritating salts - instead try the more neutral syndets or liquid soaps and don't use high temperatures to wash - that can increase the potential irritancy of surfactants. Stay away from sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, disodium laureth sulfate, benzalkonium chloride, cocamido DEA, and lauramido DEA since dermatological studies have shown these to be problematic and so might be more so for someone with dermatitis. If there's marked thickening of the skin and scaling, then the standard treatment would be to use keratolytics such as salicylic acid, followed by coal tar. You might like to try some fruit acids instead such as natural pineapple, sour cream, finely powdered oatmeal with yoghurt and honey - but avoid rubbing. Obviously the skin on your feet is way tougher than that on the face, so the concentration of your mixtures and the length of time you leave them on the skin will vary accordingly. As far as essential oils are concerned - there's quite a lot of evidence for the antiinflammatory effect of Matricaria chamomilla - German chamomile - although it's not the most attractive fragrance to most people. I would blend this with Anthemis nobilis - Roman chamomile, and good old Lavandula angustifolia, plus Cymbopogon martinii, Palmarosa in a base of Rose hip seed oil, fractionated coconut, or Evening Primrose oil and/or an unscented additive-free lotion or cream base. Auroma has a good one. To 45 mls - i.e. about 3 tablespoons of the base add: 5 drops each of the essential oils as above - this leaves you a couple of drops to play with to get the fragrance as acceptable as possible for the recipient, and still have it at 2.5% concentration. Apply at least 3 times a day, and especially after a shower or bath. Don't forget to get a nutritionist to check out the diet, and pay attention to any possible exposure to environmental irritants. Hope this helps Best wishes Carolyn

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